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VALERES supports her daughter companies at legal and financial level and provides marketing and ICT support, taking into account the individual character of the different companies.

VALERES proves to have an immense force of growth, a force which results from our staff, the financial stability and our international activities. Our sphere of activities situates itself in a range of approximately 400 km around Brussels, that is to say from Amsterdam, Berlin, Nancy till Paris.

Because we know the legislation and the habits from all these countries thoroughly, we are able to offer our clients a complete range of services. Amongst others the choice of the appropriate site, the construction of the building from A till Z, advice concerning the foundation of a company, handling of all construction permits and subsidies, assistance in legal matters, etc
VALERES has staff which is multilingual and which has settled itself very well in the specific situation of a country. Therefore linguistic problems no longer exist.

Mission & vision

VALERES guarantees a qualitative, made to measure and reliable industrial building project to SME-managers, architects and real-estate promoters. Furthermore, VALERES ensures her customers peace of mind during the entire building course.

A SME-manager who has plans for the start/extension/relocation/internationalization of his SME-activity meets a lot of challenges. As a European service provider, but local entrepreneur, VALERES is the perfect discussion partner.